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Wisdom For Wisdom

Wisdom For Wisdom

Helping Students Save for College

The team at Sonoma Valley Oral Surgery & Dental Implants was pleased to continue its Wisdom For Wisdom program again this year. The program helps make higher education more affordable for a local student by offsetting the cost of college expenses for the upcoming academic year by providing a free wisdom teeth extraction procedure. Our recipient this year is Aidan, 17, from Glen Ellen.

Aidan is a student at Sonoma Valley High School. The savings will help him with the cost of additional dental procedures, including braces, as well as his future education. He has been working full-time at the Glen Ellen Grocery throughout the COVID-19 crisis and finished the year with excellent grades.

Aidan will be treated with EXPAREL® during his wisdom teeth removal procedure. EXPAREL is a one-dose, non-narcotic pain relief option. It helps to control pain during the surgery and continues to offer pain relief for several days. It is used in place of more traditional opioid options for pain relief.

We look forward to helping Aidan by providing him with this free procedure. Follow his journey on Facebook.

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